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The Arise Podcast 

with Danielle Castillejo & Maggie Hemphill

Dream Work with Jen Oyama Murphy

Jen talks with Danielle and Maggie about doing dream work and why she believes dreams can be a gift when it comes to growth, healing, and transformation.  She discusses how she understands what dreams are and their purpose and the similarities and differences between a dream group and a story or therapy group.  


The Place We Find Ourselves Podcast:

Adam Young Counseling: 

The Cursing of the Body and Racial Trauma

Jen Oyama Murphy unpacks a story she wrote for The Allender Center called “My Eyes” with Adam Young. Evil often assaults us through the cursing of others. When a part of our body is cursed—especially during our growing up years—we tend to turn on ourselves. Wars with shame and self-contempt begin. In today’s episode, Jen reflects on her experience of racial trauma directed at her eyes and how she has begun to heal. 

How Healing Happens: Revisiting the U Diagram

Jen Oyama Murphy and Adam Young reflect on the U Diagram of healing. The human heart heals by engaging one’s story. But how does cultural background factor into effective story engagement? Whether you are a person of color who is engaging your own story, or you are someone who works with people of color, Jen shares some important categories for you to consider. 

The Storied Living Podcast

Lora Kelley

Finding Yourself in Your Story with Jen Oyama Murphy

This episode discusses implicit bias in story and how that can keep you from being engaged well or engaging yourself well. We also discuss context as a character in story, and Jen offers parts of her own story to guide you through what you may be experiencing as you step into this work.



Real Talk on Facebook Live with The Impact Movement

Stop Asian Hate: Christian Responses to Anti-Asian Racism

Join us for a Real Talk with Rev. Dr. Soong-Chan Rah, Rev. Sabrina Chan, Sam Lee, and Jen Oyama Murphy to discuss the surge in anti-Asian racism and violence during the pandemic. The Impact Movement continues to proudly stand in solidarity with the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities to denounce the violence, racism, and xenophobia they experience

Trauma & Resilience

Real Talk entitled, "Trauma and Resilience," featuring our partner, The Allender Center at The Seattle School. We'll be joined by J. Derek McNeil, Ph.D., Dan Allender, Ph.D., Rachael Clinton Chen, MDiv, and Jen Oyama Murphy. 



From The Allender Center website

My Eyes

Racism often comes in the form of exclusion, humiliation, and degradation directed at people based on the particularity of their bodies and faces. Here Jennifer Oyama Murphy, with generous vulnerability, reflects on the ways in which she has experienced mockery and violence toward her eyes and the agonizing impact, including messages of beauty and belonging.


Face to Face

Jen Oyama Murphy vulnerably invites us to bring our different faces to one another in the midst of racial trauma as she shares an experience where her Asian body felt threatened and her friend offered her protection and care by turning toward her.


What if we lived through our bellies rather than our brains? What if our bodies, in their fullness, were no longer burdens but blessings, holding wells of wisdom and beauty for our stories? Here, Jen Oyama Murphy reflects on her own story with a sensitive belly. She shares of her arrival at rest as she was able to sit at the center of who she was meant to be.


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