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I currently provide all my services remotely/virtually over Zoom. 
I offer a free 30-minute initial Zoom or phone call to discuss your needs, goals, and questions.
Together we can then determine if we would be a good fit.

Psychologist Session
Praying Hands
Outdoors Meeting


For individual sessions, most find that they want weekly or bi-weekly appointments. However, some people ask about meeting once and then checking in from time to time or meeting for just a set number of sessions to focus on a particular issue. Together we can talk through the best approach for your journey. Individual sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes.


Facilitated small groups for no more than 8 people offer support and story work around specific needs.  Offerings include groups for lay/ministry leaders, AAPI women, and those interested in dream analysis.  Groups will run either 60, 90 or 120 minutes, depending on the size and nature of the group.  Contact me if interested.


I offer consultation for those doing story engagement and/or leadership development including the areas of dream work, ethnic identity development and racial/collective trauma. Consultation can happen 1-1 or as a group where participants can practice and receive feedback from one another.



$160 for 60 minutes


$190 for 60-minute individual session plus up to 30 minutes of previewing video clips or other material before appointment. Group rates apply for group consultation.


$60/person for 60-min gp
$75/person for 90-min gp
$90/person for 120-min gp


Zelle or credit card payments accepted at time of service. There is a full charge for cancelations without 24-hour notice (with exceptions for sudden illness or emergency.)

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