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Coaching times will center around Integrative Story Work and Leadership Support and Development because who we are is how we lead and how we lead reflects who we are. We get to collaborate on where and how we focus. I don’t envision coaching as offering advice and correction with a whistle and a clipboard on the sidelines. I think of myself more as a birth coach or midwife. I am here to help you discover what is wanting to come more fully to life and then help you celebrate and nurture it. That process may be messy and even painful at times,

but I will be in it with you.

Integrative Story Work:  Our stories matter. They are the collective, racial, familial, individual, and somatic narratives that impact who we are, how we love and live, and how we lead. By engaging stories from our past, we can discover the themes and patterns that shape how we relate to God, our world, ourselves, and others. This work allows us to bless strengths that may go unseen in the present and can bring care to current wounds that need tending. Because I believe dreams are symbolic sleep stories that can illuminate an inner world, I also do dream work for those who are interested.  Whether we are sleeping or awake, all our stories invite us to healing, transformation, and hope for our futures, families, and communities.

Leadership Support and Development: For me, leadership support and development is not so much about helping you reach your “peak performance.” It’s about coming alongside you in navigating complex, often lonely spaces where you may feel the threats of scarcity, demand, and retaliation. Taking into account your particular culture and context, I want to help you know your own voice, honor your own body, and discern your calling.  Our sessions are safe places to bring both the pain and promise of being a leader so you grow more fully into your particular goodness and gifting.  


Except for the stock photos of people in the "offering" section, website images are by Paper Crane Coaching. 
All paper cranes shown were folded by Jen and her family and friends.

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